Norwell MA

The Town of Norwell is located in Plymouth County, situated along the picturesque North River, 21.2 square miles and still retains much of its past rural character. Norwell was originally settled in 1636 as part of the settlement of Satuit (later Scituate), which encompasses present day Scituate and Norwell.

In 1849, the portion of Scituate now known as Norwell broke away from Scituate and incorporated as South Scituate. Later, in 1888, the Town incorporated again as the Town of Norwell. The Town was named for Henry Norwell, a dry goods merchant who provided funds for the maintenance of the Town roads.

Shipbuilding was a major industry on the 1700’s through the early 1800’s. Some of the finest frigates, schooners and merchant vessels to ever sail were produced in Norwell.

Today, Norwell is an affluent suburban community with over 10,000 residents and provides modern schools, shopping, churches, libraries, health facilities, a wild life preserve and other support facilities as well as two large industrial parks. There are several recreational areas throughout the Town offering a variety of outdoor activities, including; Valley Swamp Conservation Land, Stetson Meadows Conservation Land, Albert F. Norris Reservation, Black Pond Natural Preserve, North River Salt Marsh, Cuffey Hill Reservation, Miller Woods and the Donovan Property.



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