Foxborough MA

A 300-acre farm was plotted by Captain William Hudson in 1669, and in that year Hudson erected the first dwelling in what was to become Foxborough. The farm was in the vicinity of Wading River and encompassed land around what is now South and Cedar Streets. It also skirted the edge of Lake Mirimichi and extended into Plainville. Having a farm built on the property, Hudson became the first white settler to leave his imprint on what would eventually become Foxborough. Foxborough was officially incorporated as a town in 1778 and was named in honor of Charles Fox,member of the British Parliament who supported the colonists. Other notable years in Foxborough’s history are 1798, the year Eunice Everett made her first straw hat, which lead to the nickname “Straw Hat Capital of the World”; and 1971 the year that construction began on Foxboro Stadium home of the New England Patriots.



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